Crystal Reiki Activation


Do you seek to open your crystal collection to all of its healing potential? As certified Reiki Healers, it is our utmost joy to bring this spiritual healing art to all those who seek this beautiful and sacred energy transfer.

Whether you wish to set a specific intention for your stones, give a meaningful gift to a loved one, empower a Crystal Grid, or have your non-Sage crystals cleared and Reiki infused, this very special service includes a Long Distance Crystal Reiki Session with Jillian, who will Activate each crystal to become a Vessel of Reiki Energy in and of itself.


Reiki translates to "Spiritually Guided Life Force Energy." A trained Reiki Healer is able to tap into the unlimited supply of this "life force energy" to improve a living being's vitality, shift the energy in a space or item, and generally enhance the quality of life. Different attunements open different aspects of this energy: balance emotion, invoke love, and even reach through this holographic reality and access different places or times, which is called Long Distance Reiki.

Many of our crystal clients told us that they feel an energy coming off their stones from us, they buzz or feel warm, or that they don't feel like they need to clear them as they already feel so resonant.

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