Elite Noble Shungite Water Set


Bring the healing powers of purification to everyday life with Elite Noble Shungite Water, made when these powerful healing stones are added to water.


How to make Shungite Water:

1) Rinse Shungite thoroughly until no grey or black rinses off. Alternatively, you can add Shungite to boiling water for five minutes before rinsing.

2) Add the cleaned Shungite into a liter of water. Let it stand for 24-72 hours in a glass or ceramic container.

3) Drink 1-3 glass per day depending on your health and detox sensitivity. Start with one a day and evaluate how you feel.

4) Depending on the quality of your water, you can reboil the Shungite every 4 to 6 months and replace every 2 to 3 years. If you start with spring or pre-filtered water the Elite Shungite can last up to 5 years.



Can I give my pet Shungite Water?

You can! As animals often need less detoxing than humans, and tend to be smaller in size, the best method is through titration. Using a spoon or a dropper, add a few drops to a teaspoon to your animal's water dish per day. Make sure to begin with a few drops every other day to make sure there isn't an allergic reaction. DO NOT put Elite Shungite in their bowl as it can present a choking hazard.

Can I add other crystals to my Shungite Water?

You can add other sanitized, water-safe, non-toxic crystals to your Shungite Water, HOWEVER, the Elite Shungite and the container will need to be cleaned more often. The safer option is to make your Gem Elixir secondarily.

This listing is for one intuitively chosen Elite Shungite Water set.

PLEASE NOTE: Before use, follow the below instructions to properly sanitize your Shungite set before adding to drinking water. Exercise extreme caution if using around children, and as they may be a choking hazard, do no serve water with the Shungite pieces in the glass to children aged 6 or under.

With the advent of cellphones and the omnipresence of technology in daily life, Shungite has become a powerful and necessary crystal ally in the modern age. Scientifically proven to absorb and neutralize electromagnetic frequencies, EMFs, from computers, cell towers, and WiFi routers, Shungite can be worn on the body or placed next to electronic devices to help shield and protect the auric field.

Metaphysically, Shungite can be used to detoxify our bodies and auras, releasing unhealthy attachments to our electronics. Associated with the Root Chakra, this purifying stone grounds us back into what is important to create a more solid foundation for our lives.

Shungite opens, heals, and activates all seven Chakras of the body. It is associated with the nurturing support of Cancer, the emotional passion of Scorpio, and the determined responsibility of Capricorn.


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