Traditional Hand-Etched Nepalese Mantra Singing Bowl - E/A♭ Tone


Connect to the deep healing traditions of Tibet/Nepal with this stunning, hand-hammered Singing Bowl, hand-etched with the powerful Sanskrit "Om Mani Padme Hum" mantra.

Crafted of up to seven different metals by a master Singing Bowl metal-smith high in the mountains of Nepal, our Singing bowls are directly and ethically sourced, and help sustain this important tradition stretching back thousands of years in these regions.

A silk pillow, mallet, and How to Heal with Singing Bowls book are all included with this special Singing Bowl.



This listing is for the hand-hammered and etched Singing Bowl pictured, measuring 11" in diameter and rings at E when struck or A♭ when played. This listing includes one silk pillow (color varies), one mallet, and book. 

Healing with Singing Bowls has been practiced for thousands of years, with the sonic vibrations of the bowls soothing the nervous system and bringing a sense of calm.

Lingam sound bowls are characterized by a small metal protrusion in the center, representing Divine Masculine Energy and the god Shiva. Primarily used for ceremonial or ritual purposes, Lingam Bowls sometimes have extensive etching inside, in order to indicate the placement of the feet surrounding the lingam. In modern times, the sounds from these rare bowls vibrate the physical and energetic bodies from head to toe.


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