Herkimer Diamond

Herkimer Diamonds are manifestations of pure, solidified spiritual light, purifying our energy field and attuning us to the white Light of the Divine essence. 

Found only in and around Herkimer, NY, Herkimer Diamonds, and are one of the best stones to aid us in our Spiritual Ascension. Activating and opening the Crown and Third Eye Chakras, Herkimers assist in all dream work, lucid dreaming, astral travel, time travel, dimensional shifting, and other explorations into expanded reality. 

They are excellent tools for creating and maintaining dimensional doorways, healing grids, and vortex grids, and for calling in Angels.

Herkimers not only broadcast their own energy like a beacon, they can also pick up and magnify the frequencies of other stones, which is helpful when paired with small or soft-energied crystals. 

They are the perfect crystal for clearing and activating our own energetic fields, and especially useful for Healers and Lightworkers, who can use Herkimers to clear and call in Divine Light to sacred spaces or healing or treatment spaces.

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