Lazulite Palmstones

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Each Lazulite Palmstone is a powerful tool for meditation, cleansed with the sacred frequencies of antique Tibetan Singing Bowls and charged to the brim with loving Reiki Energy to encourage self-acceptance, emotional support, and increase your intuition.

This listing is for one intuitively chosen palmstone. 



A pure representation of the Indigo Ray, Lazulite is a stone of all levels of the mind, activating and healing the Brow Chakra. Lazulite assists us in awareness of the thoughts we attract, which is a vital part of shifting them to more positive frequencies. Thoughts aren't created but tuned into, like radio frequencies. We attract thoughts that vibrate with our habitual energy. When we change our vibration, we change the thoughts we attract, and thus our reality. Lazulite assists us in becoming aware of our thought patterns and shifting them into more positive frequencies.



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