Mini Smokey Elestial (Skeletal Quartz)


Attune to higher vibrations and open doorways to higher dimensions with our Mini Smokey Elestial.

Elestial is a stone for our times, as it aids with attunement to the higher vibrations, and open doorways to higher dimensions. It is used to assist in the mass cleansing, healing, and reawakening that is currently facing us during this cosmic shift.

This is a powerful stone to use in meditation, as it is a conduit to the celestial realms and helps to open stronger connections to the spirit world. It is known to open the Crown Chakra to provide a stronger connection to spirit and to the angelic realms.

Above all, this is a powerful crystal of change. This high energy stone assists in healing on a deeper soul and karmic levels. It is a powerful catalyst for change, working to dissolve deep karmic issues, at the level that is comfortable for your own spiritual growth.



This listing is for one intuitively selected Specimen. Each piece is carved from natural stone, and as such, may vary in color and appearance.

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