Raw Peridot Sterling Silver Ring


Increase joy and well-being with our stackable prong set Raw Peridot Sterling Silver Ring.

Peridot is a powerful generator of the frequency of abundance. With Peridot we can manifest health, wealth and joy. It allows us to gently expand our abilities to receive from the universe. It can reveal issues of self worth that have allowed us to not receive in the past. It carries the frequency of inter-dimensional earth beings who share this planet and can be used to connect with the fairy and devic realms.



This listing is for one ring in a sterling silver prong setting in the selected size. Each stone is naturally formed, and as such, each varies slightly in color and appearance.

Peridot is the stone of positive power. It offers a warm, safe feeling of well-being, similar to that experienced in gentle sunlight. Peridot activates the Solar Plexus Chakra, the center of personal power, and the Heart Chakra, the center of self-love, unconditional love, and of giving and receiving love.

Peridot induces courage, generosity, and individuality and generates financial and spiritual abundance. It is best used to bring our physical reality into alignment with our true selves and our purpose on this plane. Abundance, specifically in career, is possible with the assistance of peridot, so long as you work in alignment with your purpose, and believe you are deserving of success.

Peridot quiets spiritual fears and helps us move forward on our path of personal evolution.

It is associated with the charismatic generosity of Leo, the humble logic of Virgo, the emotional drive of Scorpio, the ambitious optimism of Sagittarius.


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