White Onyx Prism Candle Holders


Beautiful and timeless, these White Onyx Candle Holders are a soothing addition to any room. Whether placed on the mantle, coffee table, in the office, or bedroom, White Onyx encourages an inner sense of serenity, peace, and possibility, all while bringing a natural elegance to one's home decor.

Note: This listing is for one, intuitively chosen White Onyx Candle Holder, measuring 3.6" tall. Each piece is made from natural, untreated stone, and as such, may vary slightly in appearance.


White Onyx

White Onyx actually isn't Onyx at all but a type of beautiful marble with calcite inclusions! Despite its misnomer, this lovely stone is said to help us calm our thoughts and encourage an inner sense of serenity.

A nurturing and protective stone, Mexican Onyx inspires us to be more patient with ourselves, while also helping us find clarity and focus, which in turn helps us achieve and hold deeper states of meditation. Like the block of marble awaiting to be shaped, it is a stone of potential, supporting our own self-improvement. Steady, soothing, and strong, White Onyx reminds us that anything is possible.


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