We enter the season of Cancer from June 21st through July 22nd, into a protective, emotional season that features a heightened sense of intuition.


Represented by the Crab, the Cancer readily retreats into their shell when threatened, which happens easily due to their high level of sensitivity and intuition. The Crab is most comfortable around a few trusted allies, and loathes small talk and large gatherings. Once trusted and invited into their inner circle, the Crab is a devoted and loyal companion. They are the most adaptable of the water signs, able to crawl between the ocean and the earth, the emotional and material planes.

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The Cancer is the nurturer of the Zodiac, gaining strength from caring and providing for their loved ones. Because they are highly sensitive and emotional, they can help other signs get in touch with their emotions and offer a safe place for those emotions to be expressed. However, the Cancer can at times become insecure, because of how much energy and unspoken insight they are able to pick up from those around them.


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They are protective and loyal to a fault, but when they experience betrayal or rejection the Cancer can become moody, withdrawn, or even vindictive and punishing.

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A water sign, the Cancer is emotional and sentimental, and with this gift comes deep intuitive, even psychic abilities. A Cardinal sign, they are decisive and excellent at manifesting. They are self-starters, determined leaders, and the initiators of change.

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To work with the energy of Cancer this season it is important to meditate and ground regularly as to not get lost in a sea of emotions. However, this is also the time to get in touch with emotions and express them with loving care. Journaling, singing, painting, and drawing are all wonderful ways to channel the energy of Cancer. Visit a body of water, the ocean, a river, stream or lake, and take regular ritualistic baths during this time to honor the element of water and nurture the emotional body.

As the season begins on the first day of summer, in line with the Summer Solstice, it is an ideal time to spending with our closest loved ones and express how we feel toward them.

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