We enter the season of Leo from July 22nd through August 23rd, into a passionate and festive season that allows the self to be seen.


Ruled by the Sun, which represents the self, allowing the Leo to be the sign that is most in touch with themselves. While many jealousy characterize this confidence and charm as egoism, the Leo actually just knows what is best for them, how to take care of themself, so they can readily care for others, and are able to trust and follow their intuition. The Leo is proud of who they are, warts and all, and are not afraid to let themselves be seen and to shine.

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Represented by the Lion, the Leo is fiercely protective of themselves, their loved ones, and the lair. The King of the Jungle (although Lions most notably live in the plains of West Africa, some types are found in jungles and forests), the Leo is the most regal of all the signs, with an appreciation for luxury, loyalty, and the finer things in life. Much to their feline nature, they also love to relax, sunbathe, and sleep all day, which many view as lazy, but the Leo views as necessary recuperation for their otherwise boundless energy and vivacity for life.

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Charismatic, attractive, bold, beautiful, and brave, the Leo is a loyal, trustworthy, generous, and magnanimous sign. However, their bright star and never-ending spotlight can cause some to become self-centered, attention-seeking, and egotistical.

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The Leo is confident and devout. They find comfort with close family and friends and love a lively celebration. Leo season is an ideal time to party and let our truest selves shine.

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A Fire sign, the Leo is passionate, creative, and hard to control. They are confident, bold, inspiring, competitive, and at times, sinisterly dangerous. A fixed sign, the Leo can be stubborn, focused, and resistant to change, but it also makes them determined, loyal, and capable of seeing things through to the end.

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Leo season is a time to get dressed up, let our hair down, and paint the town gold. Trust, confidence, and loyalty are on our side during this time, and is a wonderful time to manifest, meet new people, and see creative projects through. After the party, there is a positive energy allowing for us to rest, recuperate, and soak up some rays.

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