Chalcopyrite, also known as Peacock Ore, is a colorful, iridescent crystal composed of Copper Iron Sulfide, an ore of Copper, and gets its coloring from oxidation of the crystal's surface.

Chalcopyrite is a stone of creativity, flexibility, and innovation. Chalcopyrite helps create new friendships and find lost items. It can help us when our lives have become mundane by stimulating the creative process and new ideas.

Chalcopyrite is the merging of Iron's affinity with Venus (beauty) and Copper's relation to Mars (power). Because of this, Chalcopyrite can benefit those in the fashion, media, and sales industries, as well as those starting a new fitness regimen or martial arts program.

Chalcopyrite helps us deal with fear of failure and low self-esteem. It enhances communication with the Universe and helps in mediation.

Chalcopyrite shields us from the effects of lengthy medical treatments (such as chemotherapy) or repeated surgical procedures. It is a detoxifying stone and may also help with inflammation, fevers, bronchitis, and brain disorders.