Wearing Copper provides a harmonious synchronization between the spiritual and physical plane, allowing access to guides and astral energies as it aligns the Chakras. Copper resonates most deeply with the Root and Sacral Chakras, as it conducts and magnifies energies, intuitive impulses, and wavelengths. It opens us to deeper desires, vitality, and sexuality while also helping us find energy to take action and ground restless, anxious energy into self-acceptance.

Copper helps direct us on our spiritual path of growth, healing, and development, allowing us to recognize what is blocking us from manifestation our dreams. In this sense, Copper is seen as a an element of luck as it is reported to bring material manifestations to the user.

Copper is used to fight infection, cleanse wounds, enhance the circulatory system, and increase metabolism.

It is associated with the steady drive of Taurus and the optimist ambition of Sagittarius.