Tiffany Stone is a stone with extremely high-vibrational properties, most closely associated with healing, transformation, abundance, and love. It offers deep protection from negative energy on the physical plane, the spiritual realm, and in psychic communication.

A stone of communication and unconditional love, Tiffany Stone heights our intuition to allow greater access to psychic abilities such as lucid dreams, clairvoyance, visions, clairaudience, telepathy, psychic channeling, and clairsentience.

Tiffany Stone is known to open, activate, and heal the Root, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, and Crown Chakras, connecting wisdom and psychic energy from higher dimensions with loving communication, and grounds it into sexual passion and vitality.

This gem offers a intense spiritual and physical connection between lovers, and helps us develop a strong soul connection with our partner, founded in positive, balanced energy.

A stone of transition, Tiffany Stone also helps us detach from the old and call in the new, and eases our hearts, bodies, and souls through periods of change and transformation.

It is associated with the partnered duality of Gemini.