Dianite is a variety of Siberian Blue Jade, mined from the icy tundra of the region. While the stone hails from Russia, it derives its name from the late Princess Diana, who passed away in a tragic car crash in 1997, the same year that the stone was first discovered.

Named to honor the late royal, the sparkling blue depths somewhat resemble the icy blue sapphire of the princess' iconic engagement ring. Blue is also the color of honesty and truth, principles Princess Diana lived her life in accordance with. Diana never apologized for being her true and authentic self and as such, the gem could not have been more accurately named.

Dianite is a stone of emotional expression, imparting upon us the clarity to assign words and thoughtful dialogue to our most complex feelings. This is a stone that expands our EQ as well as our IQ, allowing us to communicate with love and precision. As such, this watery blue healing crystal aids in the development and nurturing of successful relationships.

Above all else, Dianite guides the heart as it ventures through the murky waters of life, keeping it always afloat and on course.