Resonating within the Heart Chakra, Dioptase heals inner child emotions that we have not yet resolved. Dioptase allows us to let go of painful emotions such as resentment, hatred, and anger towards ourselves and others.

Dioptase energetically supports the heart, and its resonance is powerful for those who have experienced grief, abandonment, betrayal, have been in abusive relationships, or were abused as children. It helps to resolve traumas from this lifetime, or in lifetimes past. Those suffering from heart problems, headaches, migraines, and high blood pressure may be assisted by its energy.

Dioptase is a stone of forgiveness, and through its strong vibration of compassion and forgiveness, allows us to release the blocks which have prevented us from living a full life.

Feelings of being stuck or unable to move forward often are due to karmic relationships that are reenacting in our present life. The energy of this green crystal can stimulate past life memories to allow us to see the truth in these relationships in order to change the dynamics of them, or allow us to release the other person, so you can both go forward in your lives. 

The energy of Dioptase allows us to see the things in your life that do not serve us. If you are holding negative energy within your body, linked to past experiences, your health may be aided by the vibration of this crystal.

Dioptase is powerful healer of the emotional body. Meditating with Dioptase allows us to let go and forgive the past so we can be free. The green ray energy of Dioptase encourages us to see that we live a life full of abundance, and that a rich life is available for us to experience.