New Beginnings Pocket Set


Attract positivity and clarity into life with our New Beginnings Pocket Set of three crystal Tumbles and two crystal Pebbles, with a Bracelet option, with energies specifically selected to support fresh starts, catalyze transformations, and help realign the soul's purpose.

This set includes:

The Deluxe Set includes all of the above, in addition to:

Black Moonstone

Black Moonstone has all of the properties of White Moonstone, with an extra focus on new beginnings. This is a great stone to bring out at the start of any new endeavor or relationship, and can also be a tool for those who seek to be or are currently pregnant. Black moonstone is also very protective as it deflects negative energy. More grounding than other Moonstones, it has a gentler energy than other Root Chakra Crystals (such as Black Tourmaline), and is useful for Star and Indigo Children who need a gentle tether to this physical plane. This stone is especially suitable for New Moon Rituals.


Astrophyllite, with its starburst of light, can reveal the hidden pattern of our divine blueprint and life purpose, either through meditation or by magnetizing synchronicities in our everyday life. Following the pattern of such 'random' events, we can discern the outline of what the Universe wants from us and for us. This gem works both as a magnet for these synchronicities and as an aid to being more aware of their occurrence and meaning.

Tiger's Eye

Tiger's Eye is a most ancient talisman, mysterious and powerful, revered and feared - an "all-seeing all-knowing eye," thought to grant a wearer the ability to observe everything, even through closed doors. It was chosen by the Egyptians for the eyes in their deity statues to express divine vision. Linked to the magical tiger, the king of beasts in Eastern mythology, Tiger's Eye portrayed courage, integrity, and the rightful use of power. Roman soldiers carried it to deflect weapons and to be brave in battle. It has been highly regarded throughout history as a stone of prosperity and good fortune, protecting one’s resources and reflecting back malice or threats from others.

Honey Calcite

Honey Calcite is a truly happy stone that radiates joy and positivity wherever it is placed. It is a healing crystal to help us see the bright side and become optimists in any situation.

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz holds whatever energy or intent is programmed into it, and continues to broadcast that energy throughout the world and into the etheric realms. This may accelerate the fulfillment of prayers, intensify spiritual growth, or simply allow the crystal to hold a pattern of energy strong enough for the manifestation of a goal to occur.


Arfvedsonite helps decode the meaning of the synchronicities in your life and is the perfect healing talisman for those who seek the answers to life's many questions.



Each crystal is naturally formed, and as such, each varies slightly in shape and color. This set includes three intuitively selected Tumbles and two intuitively selected Pebbles. Our Deluxe option also includes one intuitively selected Bracelet.

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