White Sage Bundle


Sage has been used throughout time to promote longevity, wisdom, spiritual protection and even immortality. The smoke from a sage smudge stick is used to cleanse negative energy and create safe spaces for physical and emotional healing. Sage also has antiseptic properties, which can cleanse the air of impurities.

White Sage is a sacred herb that has been used for millennia to clear sacred spaces and as a healing agent. The smoke from a burning sage smudge stick cleanses, clears and purifies negative energy. While it is more commonly used to clear spaces of dense energy, it can also be used to purify a person's thoughts or cleanse their personal objects. As the smoke wafts away, it carries with it the low vibrational energy that causes pain, suffering and sadness. Use it to clear a space after an argument, if you're experiencing negative thoughts, or if you just feel the need to reset your energy.

How to use your sage bundle: Light the tip with an open flame and use your hand to waft the smoke into the space you are cleansing. Often, one will set an intention at the onset of smudging. Generally, smudging begins at the front door of a home, and one moves in clockwise direction throughout the space. Be careful not to skip the corners of rooms, as this is where latent negative energy often hides. Extinguish the smudge stick when finished by pressing it gently into a bowl of sand or another fireproof extinguishing surface. Smudge your space once to twice a week for best results, or whenever you feel there is unpure energy.



This listing is for one sage bundle stick. Each piece is approximately 4" long.

Please note: Due to the many wildfires in California in the past years, the price of California White Sage has gone up as many of its natural habitats have burned. Unfortunately, this means the price of our bundles have also had to increase, but we are committed to keeping them as low as possible.

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